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Our Accommodations

Villas, residences and apartments
in the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast


Area Vacanze disposes all over the Sorrentine Peninsula of apartments, villas, and residences with different characteristics to satisfy the various requests. You can choose from a comfortable and functional apartment to a luxurious villa furnished with every comfort and service. You can choose from a quiet and peaceful place or the centre of town where swarms a joyful atmosphere and entertainment with shops and nightclubs and touristy manifestations.



VillaSome villas are very luxurious and requested, equipped of precious furnishings and attentiveness to the details. Others are more functional, but characterized by breathtaking panoramas and relaxing swimming pools.

You can find them either in the centre of town more important economically and culturally and in peaceful country and residential areas.




ResidenceA complex of services and flats built considering the characteristics of a normal house coping with everyday living. For this reason they are equipped of a kitchen, bathroom and, according to the necessity, of a living room and various numbers of bedrooms besides the outdoor areas. They can be one bedroom, two-bed room or multiple bedrooms according to the request of the persons occupying them. You can choose among residences situated in complex furnished with various comforts such as a swimming pool, a tennis and volleyball court, a pine-wood and a children playground situated in a quiet and peaceful area away from the city traffic noises where the green gardens are crowned by the silver- green olive trees, and of the lemon and orange groves. In alternative, a residence in the heart of Sorrento can be chosen where all the international, folkloristic and cultural manifestations take place.



ApartmentThe vacation houses and apartments are composed of one or more furnished rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Situated in the centre of town or outside town, simple and functional or luxurious and exclusive, they represent an adequate solution to who wants to spend his vacation independently.



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